A Tale of Two Stories

The Little Red Hen is a popular folktale about a little red hen that has to do something all by herself.  None of the other animals want to help her, until it's too late.

In the picture book, The Little Red Fort, a little girl wants to do something pretty special, but none of her siblings will help her, or even think she can do it.

The story of The Little Red Hen and The Little Red Fort are very different, but they are similar in several ways.  In fact, the author of The Little Red Fort, Brenda Maier, loves to read different versions of A Little Red Hen so much that she decided to write her own version. She says, "Like snowflakes, no two retellings are just alike!"

Have fun listening to both stories!  Can you tell how they are the same and different?

The Little Red Hen: A Folktale Classic by Paul Galdone
The Little Red Fort by Brenda Maier (Read by Mrs. Masters)

Let's Draw!

Hello, boys and girls! Do you love to draw? Well, I decided to make some step-by-step drawing videos for you.  I have been making videos for my granddaughter, Elleyna, who loves art, and I thought you might enjoy drawing along with me, too.  You can view my first video below.  Other videos will be posted on my STUDENTS page.  Just click STUDENTS on the menu at the top of this page.  Happy drawing!

I Am Here to Help!

As your child's teacher, I am glad to provide at-home learning opportunities for your child.  At the same time, I don't know what "things" look like for you and your family right now.  SO please know that what you are doing at home with your child is greatly appreciated.  Do what you can, and should you need anything at all from me, don't hesitate to reach out. I am here to help! 

You can contact me through Class Dojo or via my email at masterss@epd86.org.  Take care, be safe, and all the best to you and yours!

Mrs. Masters

Sad News

I wish I had known on March 13 that it would be my last day with my students for the rest of this school year.
I would have hugged them tighter, and I would have said “I love you” more times.
I will continue to miss the daily smiles, the “Hi, Mrs. Masters” in the hallway, the “Guess Whats” that started off so many exciting stories, the laughter, and the beautiful hearts and bright minds that were blossoming before my eyes.
My heart hurts even more after last Friday's sad news. I look forward to the day when things are “normal” again, but I know safety is the most important thing.
Memories will carry me until the doors open again and I am able to continue my work in the most wonderful profession there is. 
Take care, be safe, and know that Mrs. Pulling and I are wishing you all the best!

Continued Support at Home

Please know that I am here to provide continued support for you and your child at home. By clicking on KINDERGARTEN, 1ST GRADE, OR 2ND GRADE on the navigation bar above, you can access various resources at your child's level. Your child can also access many other fun learning links by clicking on STUDENTS. Feel free to contact me if you should need anything at all. I can be contacted through your child's classroom Dojo or via email at masters@epd86.org. All the best as you stay safe at home.

Support at Home

As you know, at home learning materials are available for your child on the main page of Shute School's website, or you may pick them up at school. As your child completes these activities, questions may arise.

Please know that I am available to help support you at home through your child's classroom teacher's Dojo. Feel free to message me with any questions you have about the materials your child is working on at home. You may also contact me via email at masterss@epd86.org.  I will be checking my mailbox often over the course of the coming weeks.

If you need anything at all, please don't hesitate. I am here for you an your child.

Also, you can access additional fun learning materials by clicking STUDENTS on the navigation bar above.

All the best to you and your family!